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Magnum Blue Degreaser, Gallon

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  1. Powerful cleaning action: The Namco Magnum Blue Multi-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner offers a powerful cleaning action that removes grease, grime, and dirt from a wide range of surfaces, including floors, walls, and equipment.

  2. Versatile use: This multi-purpose degreaser and cleaner is designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, ceramic, stainless steel, and painted surfaces, making it a versatile cleaning solution for a range of industries.

  3. Fast-acting formula: The fast-acting formula of this degreaser means that it works quickly to break down and dissolve tough stains and grease, reducing the time needed for cleaning tasks.

  4. Concentrated formula: The concentrated formula of the Namco Magnum Blue Multi-Purpose Degreaser and Cleaner means that a little goes a long way. One gallon of the concentrated solution makes up to 64 gallons of cleaning solution, making it a cost-effective cleaning solution for businesses of all sizes.

  5. Safe for use: This degreaser is formulated to be safe for use in food processing facilities, making it an ideal cleaning solution for commercial kitchens and food production facilities.

  6. Environmentally friendly: This degreaser and cleaner is formulated to be environmentally friendly, with a low VOC content and biodegradable ingredients, making it a responsible choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.